Rome’s 8 Piece Marshmallow Roasting Fork Set, Chrome Plated with Multi Colored Handles

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Product Features

  • Pack Of 8 Marshmallow Forks
  • Colorful Retro Wood Handles
  • 22 inch Overall Length
  • Perfect For Get Togethers Around The Firepit
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Product Description

What better way to enhance the experience around the backyard firepit than with Rome’s quality marshmallow forks. 22″ in length with retro summer camp, colorful wood handles. Each set includes 8 forks.

Product Review Rome’s 8 Piece Marshmallow Roasting Fork Set

Rome’s 8 Piece Marshmallow Roasting Fork Set
Toasted Marshmallows for a Group

This fun Marshmallow Fork set is great for the whole family or scout troop.

8 Forks mean there are plenty to go around…. and each wood handle is a different color, so there is no question about which marshmallow belongs to which person.

The forks are 22 inches long, perfect to keep little people safe, but not so long that you are away from the fire.

The dual pronged fork end meams your marshmallows won’t slip off.

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