Little Sun Solar Lamp

little sun solar light
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Product Features

  • An attractive, high-quality solar-powered LED lamp developed by artist Olafur Eliasson and engineer Frederik Ottesen
  • Developed as a 'socially conscious' lamp with proceeds from each sale contributing to getting clean, reliable and affordable light to people living in areas of the world with no electricity
  • Features the world's most efficient solar cell, produced by SunPower, industry leaders in solar manufacturing
  • Specially engineered to keep the electronics cool even while charging in the sun, and the ventilation of the solar panel ensures best efficiency
  • Great for reading, cooking, camping/travelling, festivals, outdoor lighting and more!
New Price: $30.10
Old Price: $34.95
You Save: $4.85

Product Description

Personal Review of Little Sun Solar Lamp

The Little Sun Solar Lamp is the perfect thing for kids on a camping trip. They can wear it around their neck to light their way at night, or the lamp can be hung in the tent to light up the whole room. It’s super kid friendly!

A cousin of mine just gave each of my girls a Little Sun Solar Light… and they LOVE IT! The more I learn about this simple but powerful little solar light, the more excited I am about it too.

This fantastic little solar lamp is part of a global movement to bring light to off the grid communities around the world. Created by artist Olafur Eliasson and engineer Frederik Ottesen these sweet little lights are changing lives. The way it works is quite simple, 5 hours of sunlight charges the sun to shine for 3 hours. No electricity is needed, no batteries, and best of all, no kerosene. It’s clean, efficient, and bringing light to corners of the world that need it. The cost of the lamp is a little higher in areas of the world that are on-the-grid to offset the sales of the lamps to off-the-grid communities around the world. Little Sun franchises are small businesses for low income communites. The project was even endorsed by economist and Nobel Peace Prize Winner Professor Muhammad Yunus, who developed micro credit and micro finanace, because it promotes economic growth and self sustainability.

The little sun is about 5 inches in diameter, and comes attached to a cord. On one side is a small solar panel, and on the other is a powerful light. Leave the little sun in sunlight to suck up energy, then later, with the flip of a switch, you have LIGHT! And this light is astonishingly bright. The lamp solar charger is good for 3 years of use, then it can be replaced. Wear it around your neck, attach it to your bicycle, hang it on the tent wall. This little light can light up the whole world.

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