Camping LED Lantern,TaoTronics® Camping lantern -Bright in 60LM but easy on the eyes – Camping outdoor Hiking Fishing light flashlight , Emergency lantern for Outages and (Collapsible, Portable of 8oz,Water-Resistant, 60LM, Black)

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Product Features

  • VERY BRIGHT but easy on the eyes: Bulb produces 60 Lumen
  • MULTIPURPOSE: Use outdoors or inside. Ideal for camping, hiking, fishing, Emergency outages and storms
  • Powered by 3- AA batteries: Get up to 40 hours of continuous use
  • WATER RESISTANT: ABS IP44 rating to withstand wet conditions and occasional water splashes
  • STURDY: Built-in handle allows for hanging inside a tent or from a tree branch. Clip it to a line for hands-free use
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Product Description

TaoTronics Led Camping Lantern is Collapses, Super Bright, LightWeight, Water Resistant, TaoTronics Lantern Flashlight are Suitable for: Hiking, Camping, Emergencies, Hurricanes, Outages. Unlike traditional unwieldy camp lanterns that need a power button or switch to turn on, this minimalist Camping Lantern with an expand-and-contract design will light up once expanded. No more fumbling for the power button or trying to light up a match in darkness. This portable Led Lantern is weighing 8.9 oz and standing at 5 inches tall, it occupies just the space of a folded T-shirt. You can hang the Lantern on a tree or tent while camping, hold it on your way through the darkness of your house during a storm, or on your way to explore the wild.This Lantern Flashlight is with 3 x AA batteries, you’ll have up to 40 hours of light whenever you need it. Using an energy-saving and durable LED light source, this lantern will accompany you for the next 10 years.

Personal Review Camping LED Lantern

Small but mighty, this LED Camping Lantern packs away easily, but gives off a powerful and long lasting light. You can hang it, carry it, or set it on a table. Great for camping or a bug out bag.


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