Sea to Summit X Pot Set (5-Piece)

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Product Features

  • Lightweight and durable 3-series, hard anodized aluminum base
  • Food grade, heat resistant silicone walls
  • Translucent lid gives visibility to what's cooking and has a handy built in strainer
  • Two ribbed silicone handles lock onto the lid to secure the X-Pot during transport
  • Two X-Mugs and two X-Bowls will nest inside the X-Pot Large to create a compact cook set
New Price: $104.95
Old Price: $99.95

Product Description

Cooking pots can be the most bulky and awkward items to pack in your bag. The X-Pot is a collapsible, fully featured cooking pot that combines the heat-distribution of aluminum with the flexibility of silicone. A hard anodized aluminum base allows a fast boil time and the tall silicone walls are excellent for stirring. The X-Pot Large has a 94.5 oz./2.8L volume which is perfect for cooking a meal for two campers. The set also includes two X-Mugs and two X-Bowls nested into the X-Pot.

Sea To Summit X pot Set


I love the Sea to Summit x Pot… Imagine, a pot with an aluminum bottom that collapses down to the size of a frisbee. The lid also works as a strainer, so pouring the water off your pasta doesn’t get messy (show of hands, how many of you have let the pasta slip out into the sink?) and you don’t have to drag along a strainer. Bonus… the lid is fastened to the pot with the handles so the whole thing doesn’t come apart on the road. Plus, it’s light weight, less than 2 pounds!

YOu do have to be mindful about the silicone sides… direct flame will wreck them. BUT if you are using the pans over a stove, you will have no trouble at all.

The set comes with 2 mugs and 2 bowls. Now, for families, this isn’t enough, obviously… so you need 2, or you designate the mugs for mom and dad coffee (no more burning your lips on the metal cups) and the bowls for kid cereal.


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