Portable Camping Grill

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When it’s time to cook over a campfire, I prefer to use my own portable camping grill. Campgrounds usually have a fire ring, or a place to start a campfire, but they don’t always have a grill that is big enough or suitable for cooking. I feel confident knowing that when I arrive at a campsite, I will have a clean grill that is ready to go.

Bringing along a portable grill in your camping supplies means that you will always have a cooking surface large enough for all of your burgers, steaks, fish or even pizza. I even have enough space to cook on grill, and still have enough room for a pot of water for cleanup!

You can also bring along a portable camping grill to the beach for cookouts! Throw on fish or clams, and know that they won’t fall through.

When it’s time to pack up, the portable grill, just scrub it down with a Grill Brush and fold it flat, and you are ready for your next camping trip.

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