Portable Gas Ovens for Camping

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Portable gas ovens for camping

Camp chef propane oven camp stove
Cooking while camping can be a bit tricky, but Portable Gas Ovens for Camping oven give you a lot more options. Just think…. fresh cookies and brownies for dessert…. warm biscuits or cornbread with your camp chili…. fresh baked muffins or scones for breakfast. Camping ovens make all these, and more, possible.No more fussing with a fire and a dutch oven (especially in places where open fires are not permitted). No more heating up your RV with a hot oven.

Portable Gas Ovens for Camping

These portable camping stoves run on propane, either one pound cylinders, or with an adaptor, a large propane container. They also make a great addition to your family’s emergency preparedness kit. If the gas or electricity goes out…you can still feed your family.

Make camp cooking less of a challenge with a portable camping oven.

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Other Uses for Portable Gas Ovens for Camping

You Can Use Your Oven For MORE Than Just Camping..

Baking at a Campsite– This is the most obvious use for a portable camping oven… biscuits, muffins, cornbread and cookies. It’s easy to prepare mixes to take along so you can have fresh baked goods in the wild.

Emergency Back Up Oven– In case of disaster, apocalypse,  or gas/electric shut off to your home, you can use your portable oven to keep your family fed.

Community Gatherings– Having a Church gathering in the Park? How about a Scout breakfast? And can you imagine how fast you could sell baked goods right out of an oven at your next bake sale?

Cassaroles and One Dish Meals– Enchiladas and Lasagne… Prepare it at home, freeze it, and bake it when you need it.

Keeping Food Warm– Once those steaks, burgers, fish or ribs have been grilled, you want to keep them warm while everything else gets organized. Rule one of camping… things seldom all get done at once (food, table set, hands washed, citronella candle found and lit….)

Extra Oven for Parties– Are you in charge of this year’s Thanksgiving Feast? Is it your turn to cook Christmas Dinner for the hoards? Is there EVER enough oven space? Set up the portable oven for overflow side dishes or rolls. You even have a few burners to take care of simmering gravy or melting butter.

Tailgate Parties– Imagine the menu possibilities while you are prepping for the big Game!

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