How to Make S’Mores

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S’mores are the ultimate camping dessert.

Fun, simple, delicious…. you just want to eat some more (s’more, get it?)

How to Make S’mores

You need –

Marshmallows– Regular or Jumbo (I love the JUMBOs)

Chocolate Bars– A standard thin Hershey Bar is just about perfect, but feel free to experiment.

Graham Crackers– Those rectangular ones work… you can get different flavors, up to you.

Assemble your ingredients…

Break the rectangular graham cracker into a square

Break the Hershey bar in half (to make it square) and lay it on a graham cracker square (it’s like they were MADE for each other)

Roast your marshmallow…. it needs to achieve goo-factor (no lightly toasted marshmallows please)

When your marshmallow is sufficiently roasted and gooey, use your fork to place the marshmallow onto the chocolate… then use the second square of graham cracker to secure it in place. Pull the fork out.

Mush it together



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