Treasure Scoop for Rockhounding and Beach Combing

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Treasure scoop
It’s impossible for my family to go outside without finding something shiny or interesting that needs to be carried home. We absolutely love Beachcombing and Treasure Hunting….but my back can’t take the constant stooping. This Treasure and Gem Scoop is the perfect solution, and has become one of my favorite Rockhounding Supplies.

My original Treasure Scoop came from a little rock store in Newport, Oregon. It’s sturdy and strong, and I still use it often. Since then I’ve bought others for fellow rockhounds and beach combers like me.

This seemingly simple tool is a long metal walking stick with a pointed tip and comfort handle. What makes it special is the scoop at the bottom. Perfect for lifting up whatever you find.

If you love beachcombing, rockhounding, or just like to walk around town with a strong walking stick, a Treasure and Gem Scoop is for you.

Treasure and Gem Scoop

A Treasure Scoop is great for a variety of outdoor uses. Use it for beachcombing or rockhounding. Take it along on hikes to keep your balance. Use it to push aside bushes or poke under logs on the trail. I love it because I don’t have to bend over for every shiny object I spot.

The handle makes it comfortable to hold while walking, and you can strap it to your wrist so it doesn’t fall. The scoop is about the size of a grown man’s palm, and has cuts in it to allow sand and water to fall through. The Treasure and Gem Scoop is availible in both 36″ and a long handled 42″ inch versions, so you can choose a length that is good for you. The spike on the end is great for breaking up rocks or keeping balance while you walk.

The Treasure Scoop, originally made by Eastwing, is now made by Fundamental Rockhound. Thankfully, they maintain the same high quality manufacturing standards, so you know that you are getting a great product. It is a central part of my rockhound kit.

Why Use a Treasure Scoop?

Rockhounding or Beachcombing Made Easier

-Primarily to pick up shiny or interesting Treasure that you find on the Beach or Trail.

-Save your back from the Beach Combing Stoop.

-Keep your balance on uneven or rocky trails.

-Sweep the trail ahead to avoid snakes or other creepy things.

-Makes a good defensive weapon if you are walking in wild areas.

-I keep mine hanging near the front door… just in case

Treasure Scoop Has a Red Rubber Grip Handle

A Leather Strap Can Go Around Your Wrist

treasure scoop

The Treasure Scoop Pole has a Spike on the End

Good for Balance or Breaking Rocks (or just poking the ground)

treasure scoop

The Treasure and Gem Scoop’s Scoop

The Scoop is Big Enough To Pick Things Up, But Not So Big That It’s Awkward and Heavy

rockhound stick

Follow these links to Purchase the Treasure and Gem Scoop from Amazon.

Treasure and Gem Scoop

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